Top tips to grow your social circles!

Written by: Michaela Drake

You may have just moved to the area and are in need of some connections, or you could just be a little slow on your socialisation game recently and realise you need to step up and get growing those social circles. Have no fear, we’ve done some of the leg work and had at look at some of the easiest ways to help you grow those budding relationships.


London is often reprimanded for being a city full of people, but yet everyone seems grossly unfriendly. It’s a fact that you will not get any casual chit-chat with strangers on the tube, a phenomenon that took me a while to adjust to when living up north for a few years. However, there’s still hope yet. Whilst, probably best to avoid attempting friendships on public transport you may find solace elsewhere. Here are some examples of prime places:


The gym/exercise classes:
Get two birds with one stone; become a bit healthier and broaden your social interactions. Charter Fitness outline the 5 benefits of working out with a friend, so why not guilt trip and existing friend to come with you- or just find one there. Everyone is in the same boat, so find a gym that suits you and get socialising/sweating.


The school/nursery gates:
Time to practice the art of hovering and small talk. Get to the school gates a bit early to try and get to know some of the other parents if you’re new to the area. Some of the parents of your children can easily become long term friends. Think of all the years of birthday parties, school plays, sports days you’re going to attend- might as well put the effort now. Similarly, check out apps like Mush, which aim to connect mums who live nearby with kids the same age, giving mums their own social network- ‘it’s like Tinder for mums!’. 

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Get Looking:

We found this amazing website/app called Meet Up, which has pretty much every category of interest under the sun and allows you to join or create events pertaining to particular categories that interest you and other like-minded individuals. Whether it’s a vegan discussion group, an over 50s hiking group, or a nude yoga group- there’s pretty much something for everyone, so check it out!


Not only are you helping a great cause and doing something worthwhile with your time, you also get the chance to meet and chat to some amazing people. There are countless charities in London all grateful for the help and support from volunteers, so why not have a google and see if you can volunteer and make a difference to someone’s day and make meaningful relationships in the meantime. Vinspired is just one of many!


Get Creative:
Get those creative juices flowing and join an art club, whether you’re a real Picasso or a complete amateur- it doesn’t matter! Once again, the cosmopolitan nature of London means that there’s loads of creative opportunities to get involved with. Whether it’s a pop-up ‘Paint Jam’ workshop or a technical class in dance or film making, you’re bound to find something (and hopefully its free!) Check out the Barbican, located in the heart of the City of London, it offers a wide variety of creative ventures to get stuck in and meet people!


So, there’s our round up! Hopefully it’s given a bit of inspiration and kicked you in gear to get building those networks! Let us know if you’ve discovered any gems you think we should know about!


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